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Fire and Smoke Damage

The effects of fire damage will often be serious. But RCT will dispatch our team of professionals to begin the entire Restoration process. The Estimator and Project Managers will work closely with you and with your Insurance adjuster to ensure that your property is repaired to its original condition or better. Services include but are not limited to damage assessment, estimating and scope of work, engineering and plans, debris removal and clean up, documentation and pack out of restorable contents and belongings (Contents Cleaning), handling all the necessary documents for the repairs with the City and/or County, permitting, the complete reconstruction, meeting with the homeowner or decision maker for material selection and to go over the possibilities of make changes to the layout or upgrades to your home and then handling the final clean and turning the keys back to YOU, but only after you are 100% happy with the work we have completed.

The soot is usually swept through the air ducts of the structure by the air handling units. Mix that soot with the humidity that results from the effect of water on flames, and you have an acidic residue that will continue to cause further damage the longer it is allowed to remain. With a fire, you typically have the compounded disaster restoration needs caused by fire, smoke, odor and water damage. Our professional staff has the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to effectively mitigate the loss.

Keep in mind, that 90% of the time, the fire at your property has been extinguished by water, either from the Firefighters hose or the Sprinkler system and as we discussed in the water damage section, water has no boundaries and will saturate and damage everything it can reach, when you call on Restoration Construction Team to handle the Fire Damage, during the Emergency Services we remove the water and implement drying and dehumidification procedures. We will closely monitor the entire process from start to finish using the most advanced technology, including but not limited to moisture meters, de-humidifiers, air-movers, air scrubbers, hygrometers, thermal imaging equipment. We will treat, sanitize and deodorize affected areas to address health hazards common with water damage.

Lastly, is odor control, we use some of the most advanced equipment in the industry to specifically deal with odor generated from the fire. Equipment such as Hydroxyl and Ozone generators that actually sanitize the odor causing molecules. So rest at ease knowing that we can handle the odors form a burnt Turkey in the oven at your home to multiple apartments affected by smoke caused by a fire damaged unit within a complex.